Makers of Web Services

We're the creators of, an API which provides UK Postcode and Addressing data for developers.

We also maintain, a forever-free and open sourced Postcode and Geolocation service for the UK.

Development & Consulting Engagements

We also provide consulting services on designing, developing and deploying web apps.

We are currently not free for engagements.

Our Toolbox

HTML, CSS & Javascript

The lingua franca of the web. We specialise in using web standards to deliver applications on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Ruby & Node.js

We specialise in Ruby on Rails and Node.js development depending on the use case and required performance characteristics.


Well versed in getting the best out of both SQL and NoSQL tools. We like to work with Postgres, MongoDB and Elasticsearch.

Test Driven Development

Our culture of writing clear and descriptive autonomous tests enables us to push new production code quickly and confidently.


IDDQD Limited
International House
24 Holborn Viaduct

Tel: (+44) 0845 862 0898

[email protected]

Company Number 08302922